Thursday, August 13, 2009

Xanthe's Thursday Update

Meow to All!

I hope everyone is well tonight?

OMC! Congratulations to handsome Misha, the Next Top Cat Model for New Zealand. I feel so lucky to be part of a group of multi-talented Kitizens... Daisy, I liked your Catnip Haiku, I asked Mummy if she could teach me to become a Kitizen Poet, she said that it might take some time but she'll give it a go *purrs*... Fin, you are lovely and a little daring... I'm exploring the sink at the moment, still not to sure about the water that comes out of the silver hole!... Dante? So handsome for an older Cat but are you sure you're not a Lion? *meow* Ooo...

My Mummy is poorly again. She has bad pains in her back. She cries out at times. She can't stand for long. She lies down or sits in her Computer Chair. She can't play with us alot. So Nishiko and I cuddle up to her when we can to keep comfy *purrs* On her Computer Chair *purrs* Mummy got into the big sink today. It was filled with lots of water and white stuff. She was still in pains as she cried out abit when she was in there. Nishiko and I kept an eye on her from a distant. Daddy was out at the time. But Daddy has been home looking after Mummy too. We're one big happy family.

Nishiko is nudging me... hold on... what?

Tell them about my contest and Handsome Harley!

Alright and then I've got to go.

Thank you! *meow*

Nishiko is at 6th place and we had a nice surprise this morning as we found Handsome Harley in 7th! Now Nishiko still wants Citizens and Kitizens to vote for her but she wants them to vote for Handsome Harley too! So now we have two links for you to click on:

I reckon Nishiko has a crush on Harley!

With that I say my goodbyes and go to cuddle up with My Daddy.

Xanthe xxx


  1. We wish you lots of luck in the contest and we are sending your mom lots of healing purrs!!!

  2. Poor Mom! Purrs for her quick recovery to petting and playing form!! Cats are the best medicine.

  3. Hope your mommy is feeling better. Good luck with the contest.

  4. I do hope your mom is feeling better soon. Give her lots of hugs and purrs.

  5. We are so saddened to her your muumy is in pain. We are purraying really hard that she gets better! Be sure, you two, to give her LOTS of purrs and rubbies!!! beans like that when they don't feel well...

  6. I am so sorry your mom's back is hurty. That sounds like No Fun!

    Nishiko, Harley says he would not mind coming in second if you won first place!

  7. Our momma has the bad back pains sometimes, too. When that happens she takes lots of bubble baths and lays on the heated pillow a lot. We like that heated pillow cuz it makes everything furry comfy all around momma and we cuddle next to her furry much!


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