Monday, August 03, 2009

Nishiko's Monday Update

Purrs to All!

Awww, poor Mummy hasn't been well since yesterday so she was unable to post our slideshow! Xanthe and I were a little upset as there are some good photos of us we wanted to show you all, but we know that Mummy needs her rest.

Oh the horror that was Friday! We were taken to the vet! It was worst than last time too. I came out of our carry case first and they looked me over as before and then they held me down and stuck this thing right down my throat! Yuck, I nearly gagged! Then they gave me a prick on the back of the neck. But My Poor Xanthe had it worst than me. She had that horrid thing up her bottom again and I had to watch the vet do it to her, unable to protect her from it because I was locked back in the carry case... My Poor Xanthe was crying for help and I was crying to be let out to scratch that vet to pieces!

We had a much better day on Saturday though. We've been playing in the room with the big bouncy bed! Mummy took photos of us too. Here are some of us playing one of our favorite games...

Nishiko x


  1. We hated the story of your Frightful Friday! Damn that VET!!! We were hopin you were able to save Xanthe. Well, at least she's feeling much better and we LOVE the pictures of you playing in that really neat, fun looking play thing!

  2. Bless heart! Going to the vet is never any fun at all! I'm glad your Saturday was better!

    Shhh... Don't tell Maggie May, but she hasta go to the vet tomorrow for her annual visit!

  3. I think we all hate going to the vet, but have to go sometimes.

    You look so sweet both playing with the laundry hamper.

  4. How awful, thank goodness you two are okay. Hope your Mom is better soon too.


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