Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nishiko's Tittery Tuesday

I've been sulking today...

Why, you may be asking? Well, Mummy forgot to do my Monday Update, yesterday! That's why!

I sat on her desk in front of her flat box with lots of buttons on it while she was doing other things on her multicoloured flat box. I tried to get in her way. I meowed at her and sat on the flat box with lots of buttons on it. But she just moved Me to one side and said "it's too late now darling" and apologised to Me and said "we'll do something tomorrow". *Meow*

Then today just before kitty bickie time Mummy yelled at Daddy and they got all panicky and then suddenly they put My Dear Xanthe and Me into our Kitty Carrier and we were taken by foot along the horrible path - with all the scarey noisy machines on wheels next to it - to the V-E-T! Daddy's Mummy couldn't take us in her machine on wheels like usual but met us there to take us home. My Dear Xanthe and Me were horrified! The V-E-T stuck that thing up both of our bottoms. Oh it was horrible! It was painful! Then a prick on the back of our necks! For the first time I realised what a woofy was, too! *Meow*

I was not pleased.

I've been weeing on the carpet again to show how displeased I am. I was trying to cover up one of my 'accidents' this afternoon and ended up having an argument with Mummy about Me not wanting to go in the litterbox but I just wanting to cover things up. I go Mummy very confused! *Meow*

But one curious thing that Mummy has been doing is that she has been designing a book for her and Daddy. A book with pictures of My Dear Xanthe and Me! Oh, I think it's looking pretty good. I want to share the website with all you Kitizens so that you can get your Mummys and Daddys to create books of you! Then we can all be famous together! *purrs*

Ok, I suppose I should show my Cuteness to you now that I've said my part...

Purrs to you all!

Nishiko xxx


  1. I hope it was just a normal checkup at the Vet's office and that everything is okay.

  2. Purrs that everything is ok with the both of you. Sorry about the V-E-T. It's never a pleasant experience!

    We must go check out that site!

  3. Well I hope everything was okay. Maybe you need your own litter box? I wouldn't want to share either.

  4. We're sorry you had to go to the v-e-t but at least it's over now!

  5. I hope everything went well at the v-e-t-s!

  6. Hope your vet check was just routine and nothing more. Sorry to hear the experience was awfurl, they usually are, but at least you were both together!


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