Friday, July 31, 2009

Video Blogging 3

Here's a video of Nishiko watching me wash-up in the kitchen. She climbed right onto my shoulders and I have the marks to prove it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Xanthe at Rest

Here are a view pictures of Xanthe resting, yesterday evening. As you can see her eyes aren't better yet - the third eye lid is still showing - but they are on the mend today.

Xanthe is very grateful to all Citizens and Kitizens who have sent her purrs and purrays in the last 24 hours.

*whispers* Both, Xanthe and Nishiko, will be going back to the V-E-T tomorrow as it is time for their first innoculations! I'm just hoping that Xanthe will be well enough for hers... Shhh, don't tell them yet though because I don't want them to get too worried about it...

Good night all! Kitty x

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

It's Nishiko! Purrs to all!

My Poor Xanthe. She didn't have the best of days, yesterday. She's not very well. Mummy and Daddy took her to the vet. Oh no! Xanthe told me that the vet told Mummy to hold her down while the vet prodded her and then something nasty went up her bottom! My Poor Xanthe was not at all happy... She was so scared and crying and scratched Mummy's hand by accident.

The vet said that Xanthe might have an eye infection and so gave her a prick on the back of her neck. My Poor Xanthe. She wasn't herself for the rest of the day.

Xanthe is feeling better today but her eyes are still sore.

Here are some pictures of us playing with one of our balls in a box Mummy gave us on the weekend. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Slideshow Sunday!

Xanthe here! Mummy came up with a great idea. She and Daddy take lots of photos of Nishi and me every day. Too many to show on our blog. So she tought it would be a good idea to do a slideshow of a few. So here you go, enjoy! *purrs*

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our First Awards!

We have received 2 awards this weeks. The girls and I are very pleased.

The first award was given to us by Brian from . We thank you very much!

The translation means "Your Blog Doesn't Stink" and the only rule is to link to the blogger that gave it to you and pass it on to 5 others!

We am delighted to pass this award on to the following bloggers:

The second award was given to us by the Kitties from . We thank you very much too!

It comes with this explanation: "Give thanks and link back to the one who sent you the award. Post the logo on your blog. List seven things about yourself that others might find interesting. Pass the award on to seven other kreativ bloggers."

I shall pass you over to the girls... 3 things each and then I'll do the last one about both of you...

I'll go first! Me, Xanthe.
  1. Daddy has nick-named me 'the raptor'. I'm not sure why though, erm, something to do with the way I say 'I love you' when he strokes me, I think.
  2. Unlike Nishiko, I don't mind the hoover machine. I like to play with the large string it is attached too!
  3. I'm a little clumsy and bang into walls when I'm playing with Nishi.
Ok, my go!
  1. My favorite toy at the moment is a strange bobbly thing and I won't let Xanthe go anywhere near it!
  2. I'm slowly starting to eat my kitty bickies.
  3. I'm a better jumper than Xanthe - she's better at climbing.
Ok and last one: Both girls won't stop climbing up my legs! lol...

And we pass this award on to the following seven bloggers:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our First Words...

Mummy has been so busy this week, being back at work, she keeps falling asleep soon after she comes home from work. We misses her so much when she goes and we like it lots when she comes home. She told us that we get to write for the first time tonight as a treat. We like all our messages and all your blogs and photos. You kittens and cats are so good looking and beautiful.

On Wednesday Mummy was not well so Nishiko and me looked after her on the big cat bed where we usually play down stairs. We tried playing wit her and on her but Daddy didn't like that, he took us off, we were too rough for Mummy. So then we went back to Mummy and purred her to sleep which was ok with Daddy and we both fell asleep for a while too.

On Thursday there was lots of little creepy tings at the glass door! Daddy was rushing around trying to get them out of the house. Xanthe was very curious about them.

Yeah! They were very very small and there were lots and lots and lots and Daddy called them 'ants' and was trying to get us out of the way because he had to keep the glass door open. We aren't allowed out of the glass door.

Daddy shut us upstairs in the room with no bouncy bed when his Mummy came to the house to help move all the 'ants'. I was glad because then I heard the hoover machine start and I don't like that hoover machine, because it scares me and I did a piddle in the corner. Daddy came to see us but didn't notice.

But Mummy did when she came home and she had to clean it up, Naughty Nishi!

I know but I'm still learning.

There were no 'ants' today and we've played lots with Mommy and Daddy. Here are some photos from the week...

This is us saying goodbye to Mummy in the morning. She goes quite early and we try to play wit her after she has given us our food!

This is us after Mommy has gone. We are a little sad and have to wait for Daddy to wake up. Now we got to wait upstairs at the door to the room wit the bouncy bed because that is where Daddy is.

This is us snuggling up to Daddy. Daddy is the best. We love Daddy so much. We play wit him during the day and sometimes help him when he is working by walking on his table and following the little white thing on his brightly coloured box. Although he usually moves us away if we touch the brightly coloured box with our paws. But I can't resist it because of all the pretty colors!

Daddy is so cuddly. We like to cuddle up to him as much as possible!

This is us when Mummy comes home. As soon as she comes in the glass door she sits down and says how much she misses us and strokes us and plays with us. Then Mummy or Daddy will feed us our food and give us a bowl of milk.

Oh! And this is me watching the 'fish'! Oh this is so fun! We like watching the 'fish'. We are now trying to find a way through the glass, hehe...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Xanthe and Nishiko Wallpapers 1

No one knows this but our darling Don is a Graphics Designer and has designed Xanthe and Nishiko a Wallpaper each so that we can put them on our desktops! I can even use them on my PC at work, hehe... He has also been kind enough to share them with all you Citizens and Kitizens, if you are interested? Linkies are below, enjoy...

The Kittens have been enjoying a couple of new gifts today from my 'Mrs Boss'. She had been to Euro Disney and had brought them back a new catnip pillow - which Xanthe has been enjoying immensely and a fluffy cat toy. They have also received a new food bowl. Photos of which will be provided later in the week. So we thank 'Mrs Boss' and her kids lots and lots!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Climbing Curtains

Well while most were probably have a relaxing Sunday, Don and I were getting Xanthe and Nishiko out of trouble for the better half of the day. Yes they have discovered that they can climb the curtains repeatedly, competing against each other to see who can get to the top the quickest. For the majority of the time it has been Xanthe although she had a lot of difficulty finding her way back down to the floor and ended up calling for our help! Even though their new game is not to be encouraged I just had to take some photos to show you all...

Ooo I liking the view from here!

I beat you, Xanthe!
Oh no, Nishiko! I was practicing a lot more than you too!

Oh and please let us know what you think of the new look of our blog! *smiles*

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cat Gym and Sleeping...

Good evening all!

Wow, it's been a nice day. The kittens have been bouncing all over the place as usual, lol... They are now running up and down the stairs on a regular basis, especially if Don and/or I are up there!

Don and I popped out today to go hunting for scrap wood and carpet - with no luck as all the shops and industrial estate sites were closed. We had left the house too late! Anyway we plan to make part of the house into a cat gym. We had been inspired by a couple of Bengal Cats, Ukee and Koru and their owner on YouTube - see video below. The lovely fellow has designed several climbing poles and boxes and placed them all over his house so that his cats always have something to entertain themselves with. The best thing about it all is that they are movable, so the cats environment is always changing! How cool is that?

So will we start our hunting again next weekend, hopefully...

Here are a couple of photos of Xanthe and Nishiko relaxing in their bed, from this afternoon. Xanthe in particular loves it when Don and I come to wake her for meal times or play as she will starts purring and telling us how much she loves us by kissing our faces and ears.

The Animal Rescue Site

I stumbled onto a great little website which I thought I must tell everyone about! Here is the link to the website for all you Citizens and Kitizens who would like to have a look around:

The Animal Rescue Site
A permanent link has been placed on my blog to your right. So here goes...

The Animal Rescue Site focuses the power of the Internet on a specific need — providing food for some of the 27 million unwanted animals given to shelters in the U.S. every year. Over 10 million animals are put to death every year in the U.S. alone because they are abandoned and unwanted.

Each click on the purple "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button at The Animal Rescue Site provides food and care for a rescued animal living in a shelter or sanctuary. Funding for food and care is paid by site sponsors and distributed to animals in need at the Fund for Animals'renowned animal sanctuaries, pet shelters supported by the Petfinder Foundation , North Shore Animal League , and other worthy animal care facilities supported by the foundation.

100% of sponsor advertising fees goes to our charitable partners.

The Animal Rescue Site provides a feel-good way to help promote awareness and prevent rescued animal deaths every day — through easy and quick online activities.

Please remember to click every day to give help and hope to those most in need. Every click counts in the life of a rescued animal.

In addition to clicking the purple "Click Here to Give - it's FREE" button, visitors can help more by shopping in The Animal Rescue Site store . With each item purchased, shoppers generate funds for the feeding and care of animals in shelters and sanctuaries. The store offers a wide array of items to show your support.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Collars and Bickies

Thursday, July 16, 2009

8 Weeks Old Today!

We thank everyone for their lovely messages and enjoy reading all your lovely blogs! Xanthe and Nishiko are 8 weeks old today! Woohoo! Here are two little photos I took of them especially to celebrate *smiles*

Xanthe with Red Feathered Ball

Nishiko with Blue Feathered Ball

Now the visit to the vets yesterday went a lot better than Tuesday's visit... For one thing, we turned up at the correct practice! The Kittens are in good health. They'll have to return in two weeks time for their first set of jabs - oh dear, I don't think they'll enjoy those, do you?

At the moment Nishiko doesn't seem to want to use the kitty litter tray, all the time. Nope, she seems pretty keen on keeping Don and I on our toes and likes to squat under the dinning room table. As I was preparing our 'Spag-Bol' this evening, I came up with an idea and stuck some onion peels under the table. The Kittens don't like the smell of these onion peels and Nishiko is going back to the kitty litter tray! Hehe! Good girl, Nishiko *winks*

There is one thing I haven't figured out yet and that is to get her to eat the kitty biscuits that we leave out for them both for 'free feeding'. We've tried a few different brands. Xanthe loves her kitty biscuits but Nishiko won't go near them. So I'm calling out to all Citizens and Kitizens for advice on how to get Nishiko to eat her bickies...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Dummy Visit to the Vets...

Oh dear, I had booked an appointment for Xanthe and Nishiko to go for their 'Free Kitten Health Check' at the vets, this afternoon... We walked up there: a 15 minute trek with lots of crying along the way. We got there safely in one piece only to find out that we turned up at the wrong vets! OMG! I was so embarrassed! The Kittens were not happy and Don was thinking me for an idiot for not checking the address details before we left home, lol...

Anyway, we are booked in for the real thing for tomorrow lunchtime. Let's hope it all goes a lot better, heh? hehe...

-We're home, girls...
-Run for it, Xanthe!...
-I'm a running!...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Video Blogging 2

What they do naturally...

Video Blogging 1

Let's see the kittens in action!...
Xanthe just wouldn't leave Nishiko alone, lol...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

They are here!!!

Nishiko and Xanthe on their Scatch Post

Nishiko and Xanthe arrived home late on Wednesday night... For the last couple of days we have been getting them settled into their new surroundings... Gosh they are sooo adorable and full of energy... Wow! They've had us awake until late and we are both so tired, lol... But we don't regret a thing.

I get up a couple of hours before I'm due to go to work, wake them up, feed them and have a half hour play time before getting ready for work. Making sure they are ok, then hand them over to Don, hehe... He looks after them until I come home and then we play with them, feed them and play with them some more, then they sleep and wake up and play some more, haha! By which time we need our sleep, lol...

Xanthe is the most adventurous out of the two and gets up to the most trouble, whereas Nishiko will wait until Xanthe will give her the 'go ahead' to follow suite. Although Xanthe may be the most adventurous, Nishiko is the roughest when it comes to play fighting and the slightly larger of the two, hehe...

Sleeping after manic session of play

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Irresistible Nishiko is Very Playful...

Ooo... Tis the feather thing...

Tis my ball...

Ooo! Finger!...


How comfy... I like you... Zzz...

Xanthe is Smitten with Don...

Tis biteable...

Tis Lickable...

Tis purrfect spot for grooming...

Tis purrfect spot to go to for comfort...

Tis purrfect place to sleep...
This one is mine.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Search is Over



Yay! Don and I have chosen these two gorgeous little girls to come a live in our home... hehe... They will be arriving in approximately 3 weeks! Yay!

We had a really good time on Sunday with their breeder and thank her for her generous hospitality and all her advice...

We hope to see our kittens again before they come... Until then we shall be waiting patiently and getting the house ready for their arrival! Woohoo!