Friday, July 24, 2009

Our First Words...

Mummy has been so busy this week, being back at work, she keeps falling asleep soon after she comes home from work. We misses her so much when she goes and we like it lots when she comes home. She told us that we get to write for the first time tonight as a treat. We like all our messages and all your blogs and photos. You kittens and cats are so good looking and beautiful.

On Wednesday Mummy was not well so Nishiko and me looked after her on the big cat bed where we usually play down stairs. We tried playing wit her and on her but Daddy didn't like that, he took us off, we were too rough for Mummy. So then we went back to Mummy and purred her to sleep which was ok with Daddy and we both fell asleep for a while too.

On Thursday there was lots of little creepy tings at the glass door! Daddy was rushing around trying to get them out of the house. Xanthe was very curious about them.

Yeah! They were very very small and there were lots and lots and lots and Daddy called them 'ants' and was trying to get us out of the way because he had to keep the glass door open. We aren't allowed out of the glass door.

Daddy shut us upstairs in the room with no bouncy bed when his Mummy came to the house to help move all the 'ants'. I was glad because then I heard the hoover machine start and I don't like that hoover machine, because it scares me and I did a piddle in the corner. Daddy came to see us but didn't notice.

But Mummy did when she came home and she had to clean it up, Naughty Nishi!

I know but I'm still learning.

There were no 'ants' today and we've played lots with Mommy and Daddy. Here are some photos from the week...

This is us saying goodbye to Mummy in the morning. She goes quite early and we try to play wit her after she has given us our food!

This is us after Mommy has gone. We are a little sad and have to wait for Daddy to wake up. Now we got to wait upstairs at the door to the room wit the bouncy bed because that is where Daddy is.

This is us snuggling up to Daddy. Daddy is the best. We love Daddy so much. We play wit him during the day and sometimes help him when he is working by walking on his table and following the little white thing on his brightly coloured box. Although he usually moves us away if we touch the brightly coloured box with our paws. But I can't resist it because of all the pretty colors!

Daddy is so cuddly. We like to cuddle up to him as much as possible!

This is us when Mummy comes home. As soon as she comes in the glass door she sits down and says how much she misses us and strokes us and plays with us. Then Mummy or Daddy will feed us our food and give us a bowl of milk.

Oh! And this is me watching the 'fish'! Oh this is so fun! We like watching the 'fish'. We are now trying to find a way through the glass, hehe...


  1. I'm glad you got rid of all of those old ants!

  2. You two are so cute! You sure had a busy week!

  3. We think you are the cutest kittens ever!
    Our mommy said ants are bad, we have lots of them in our yard.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Dad's are the best. Nice to see you taking over the blog girls!

  5. We gave you an award, you can pick it up at our blog.
    The Cat Realm


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