Monday, February 28, 2011

Movie Monday

Meow to all! I want to say thank you to Fui, Suey and Lishi at Forever Foster for saying that my name is so pretty. Daddy chose it for me after he and Mummy met us where our birth Mummy lived! See >>HERE<< It is a Greek name meaning Yellow Haired. It refers to my glittered fur. Purrs...

Here is another movie of Me today! Mummy and Daddy play lots of chess in the evenings and I like playing it too! Knocking off the little black pieces off the table is great fun but I haven't come accross the prawn yet, nothing smells fishy about the game... My favourite piece is the little black horsey!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nishi's Deals

Mummy still isn't feeling her best today but she's been out and about for a good time of today. Mummy and Daddy opened the window in our main room today, only a crack because they don't want My Dear Xanthe and Me to jump out. But it was enough to see clearly the fat birds in the tree opposite. It was so exciting!

This weeks deals will be featuring beds which I think look quite interesting and comfortable.


This is a must have, I do believe, I would like Mummy and Daddy to get this for Me so that I can sit on the top and tell My Dear Xanthe that I am Top Queen! MOL!

Now I think most Mummys and Daddys would like this bed for us kitizens. Daddy doesn't like it when I curl up on his computer especially if he is watching a Movie with Mummy. But if he gets me this box which fits on the side of the desk, I might be persuaded to lie there instead?

Now I know these meece aren't for sleeping on but I wouldn't mind kicking them around the floor before carrying them over to my bed to cuddle up to them while I rest. What do you think?

Just click the photos of the things you like the look of and it will take you straight to the product's page - Mummy is so clever like that!

Now don't forget My Big Red Nose Project. I'm not going to be able to snoopervise Mummy much if no one wants a Big Red Nose like mine...


Friday, February 25, 2011

It's just Me today...

Mummy hasn't been feeling well these last couple of days. She has had a couple of really bad headaches and her voice isn't as loud as it usually is.

Of course this means that she can't help Me with My Eventful Friday post but I am sure that she will try to make up for it when she is feeling better... I hope!

I slept in Daddy's and Mummy's bed last night. I like cuddling up with them both and listening to Daddy read to Mummy and Me... But I do feel sorry for Daddy. I don't know how he sleeps well as Mummy is louder when she sleeps than when she is awake, although she will deny it if you tell her. MOL!

I am going to post you two photos of Me. I'm resting with the Big Red Monster Ball! He doesn't bother my nap time, I think he has been guarding Me while I close my eyes, but I've told him that he doesn't have to because I'm always alert!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Hello to everybody and everycat!

The Girls and I have decided to raise money for Red Nose Day/Comic Relief this year and as you have already heard from Nishiko, I will be putting Red Noses on all Cats and Dogs who would like to take part, under her snoopervision. That is Nishiko's Red Nose Day Project this year - Nishi's Big Red Nose! I'll let Xanthe introduce her Red Nose Project in tomorrow's post.

For those of you who are not aware what Red Nose Day/Comic Relief is all about, here is a quick introduction...

The first ever Red Nose Day was held in 1988 - I remember buying my first red nose with my pocket money! Comic Relief raised £15 million, which all went to helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Every year people around the UK have raise more and more, helping 25 countries across Africa and those struggling in the UK.

Red Nose Day is on Friday 18th March, this year. It's a great day when everyone gets together to do something funny for money and change countless lives in the process. From restoring the sight of children in Africa to giving isolated older people in the UK the support they need to enjoy their lives – this fundraising event is very important. You can now donate money from Europe as well as America.

So if you would like to help Nishiko and Xanthe with their projects, please click the big Red Nose Day Banner above to donate online!

Thank you

Kitty xxx

For More information on Nishiko's Project, please click >>HERE<<
You can also email us at

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nishi's Big Red Nose!

Meow to All! Mummy and Me have come up with a great idea for raising money for Red Nose Day/Comic Relief!

Mummy, under my snoopervision, will design a picture of all kitizens and woofies with Big Red Noses. I have got one already... Here it is!

Don't I look funny?

If you would like a Big Red Nose and look funny like Me, here is what you will need to do...

1. Click our big banner above and donate as little as £1.00/$2.00/€1.50.
2. Send your photo to Me at
3. Mummy will make your picture under my snoopervision.
5. Your picture will then be posted on Kitty's Cat Chat.

I said to Mummy that it would be cool if she could do 100 pictures before Red Nose Day, that is on March 15th. She said that that would depend on how many Kitizens and their Mummys and Daddys would like to help us with our fundraising project. I hope a lot of you will want to wear a Red Nose just like Me! On Red Nose Day a special post will be showing all Kitizens and Woofies in one picture like a patchwork blanket. How cool is that?


N.B. from Kitty: Gosh Nishiko sure likes me to keep busy but at least it is for a good cause! All Red Nose pictures will be posted on Kitty's Cat Chat every Tuesday from now until March 15th. Red Nose Day is on March 18th. For more information on Comic Relief please read my Wordy Wednesday post tomorrow, which will explain all.

Kitty xxx

Monday, February 21, 2011

Movie Monday!

Meow to All! Xanthe here with a new movie for Movie Monday!

Before I show you my new movie I have to tell you about the new banner above... Mummy, Me and Nishiko are going to raise money with the help of our Red Monster Ball, for Red Nose Day/Comic Relief. If you would like to help us raise some money, please click the big banner above and it will take you to our fundraising page! More on this later in the week but for now let's see Me playing with our Red Monster Ball!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nishi's Deals

As Mummy has given My Dear Xanthe a special post, she only thought it would be fair to give Me one too! So now I have the task of letting you all know about all things cat related for sale. So My special page is called Nishi's Deals! Doesn't that sound good? Meow!


Look at what your Mummy could get from Its a Sugar Coated Cat Handbag! I think it is so cute and I would love to sit inside it and fall asleep... It has lots of cats drawn all over it in different colours.

You can also get the matching overnight bag - it's bigger and fits more things inside it, so maybe My Dear Xanthe can join Me for a cuddle inside this one?

But what about us? Well check out this Smiles' Kitty Gift Box for Cats ONLY, Meow! It has lots of food and treats and a little toy too! And they are all natural products. That means it's so good to our tummies.

Just click the photos of the goods you like the look of and it will take you straight to the product's page - Mummy is so clever like that!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Xanthe's Eventful Friday!

Meow! Look at Me! Mummy has Me doing a special post on Fridays now! I shall be informing all Kitizens and Citizens of important dates, events and competitions that may be of interest to you all! Meow! I'm so excited that I can't stop playing with my little red bottle top, bashing it around and around the floor!


Cats Protection are looking for feline tales for their 2011 writin competition. The categoties are short stories and poetry, and first prize is a laptop worth up to £350.00! For more information click >>HERE<< But be quick because entries close on February 25th!

The Pet Factor is looking for extraordinary pets. So whatever makes you a special cat or woofy, let them know before February 28th and you and your Mummy and Daddy could be walking away as winners of the Pet Factor 2011! Click >>HERE<< for more information. This competition is hosted by Pet Health Information.

If you are hosting a contest or special event that you would like to be shown here, please email Me at - yes Nishiko and Me have an email address separate from Mummy's!

Good Luck Purrs to All