Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Mews!

Purrs and Meows to All!

Mummy's PC wouldn't work for most of this week so she couldn't post anything on it for us. We were all so upset. What a 'come back'! *MOL...*

But it seems to be working now so here we are!

Mummy and Daddy are letting us out and about in the garden, now! It's very different to the house.

There are so many different smells outside in the funny green grass.

There are lots of funny flying things too. I like it a lot outside and I don't like to come in again. I can climb up the wooden fences and Daddy has to get me down. I can also get out from under them and Mummy gets afraid and has to get me back in the house. She tells me off for it too.

Then we're both put back inside for the rest of the day... Thank you very much, My Dear Xanthe!

Mummy was crying yesterday. We're not sure why. We think it's something to do with a video Daddy showed her of us when we were smaller? She said we're growing up too quickly? Are we?

I don't think so, let's have a look... Here's us at 7 weeks... (Xanthe is linking Daddy's finger and I am watching)...

Here we are 10 weeks later... Me and then My Dear Xanthe...

Hmmm... What do you think?

Xanthe xxx

Nishiko xxx

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Catwalk Caturday!

First we have Xanthe, a young female bengal kitten of 4 months modeling a sitting pose. Xanthe loves her cuddles and kisses and she likes to hunt for the highest spot in the house, her favourite toy is the paper ball.

Second we have Nishiko, a 4 month old bengal kitten modeling a lying position. Nishiko's favourite toy is her Rattle-Snake, she chirps at it if it does not behave and then takes it away to tell it off!

N.B> Xanthe and Nishiko are sisters!

Don't forget to vote for Misha to help her win the NZ's Next Top Cat Model - Just click the picture/link below! GO MISHA!!!

Vote Misha for NZ's Next Top Cat Model

Please note that Misha is also collecting donations for the SPCA and Lonely Miaow Charities. If you would like to help these organisations please click the link below:


What we're doing to make a difference:

helping animals whenever and whereever we are needed. Our national and regional programmes support our inspectors to lower the incidence of cruelty and to educate on humane animal treatment.

Our track record:

In 2007 our branches re-homed over 20,000 animals and successfully prosecuted 148 animal cruelty cases. At a national level, the de-sexing caravan provided over 6,000 de-sexing operations to low income families as of April 2008.

Lonely Miaow:

About Us:

What we're doing to make a difference:

Rescuing stray and abandoned cats and kittens around the greater Auckland area, caring for them in foster homes, and finding them loving homes.

Our track record:

We rescue and rehome over 1000 cats and kittens per year - a number which increases every year.

We're Back!

Purrs and Meows to All!

We are very sorry that we have not been able to post for nearly a week or has it been over a week now?

Mummy has not been up for it, has she?

Nope. She has not been great this week.

Nope. Too much pain.

She has been to the human V-E-T and she has been upset and she has been crying a lot.

Daddy has been looking after her and so have we.

But she is going back to work in a few days so she has been getting active again.

But she still cries sometimes and sleeps a lot still.

We hope she will be ok.

Yes. She has to go back to the human V-E-T in a few days for some kind of scan so they can see what is happening inside her!

That sounds horrible! I hope it does not hurt her *Meow*

Mummy told me that it does not hurt, Nishiko, but that she has to drink a lot of water and then she will need to go to the human litter box afterwards.

How strange!

I know! Let's have a look at Daddy's new shoes!


*Meow* Very nice!

And they smell so good!

But Daddy won't let us near them *Meow*

I wonder why?...

Xanthe xxx

Nishiko xxx

Monday, September 14, 2009

Homer's Odyssey - An Extract...

Hi All,

I would so like to get this book, this Christmas! *lol*

It's a true story of a Cat named Homer and his owner, Gwen Cooper.

Due to a severe infection at birth, Homer had both eyes removed at the age of just 2 weeks old and the book recounts how he has survived without his sight.

Check out this extract, which the author reads out herself, with Homer playing in catnip in the background - isn't he handsome?!

Kitty xxx

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Day Without Cats on the Internet - Paw Nation

Now the PawNation website mentions the Day without Cats BUT they mention it with tact then the Urlesque website who may I add are talking absolute shite - especially with that pathetic video of theirs!

PawNation take note of how Cats have enriched the web with their adorable antics and energies, filling our Facebooks and inboxes with plenty of awws and lols. They say that we should be seeing today as a sort of "Labor Day for Kitties" if you will or a day off for all Cats.

Now if someone had said that in the first place maybe there wouldn't be so much anger flying around the Cat Blogs?

A Day Without Cats on the Internet - Paw Nation

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Wordless Wednesday

Monday, September 07, 2009

Nishiko's Monday Update

Meow to All!

I'm back! Check Me out!

Looking to the right... See my eye make-up?

Looking to the left... See my eye make-up?!

Here's my beautiful face for you to drool over... See? See?! *Purrs*

Do you like my eye make-up?! I like my eye make-up and thought I would show it off to all of my Kitizen furiends! *Purrs*

Me having a heart to furry heart on the fridge - I am in Xanthe's box. We share it now...

"Well, Daddy I know I shouldn't be weeing on the carpets and I am grateful for the our baby kitty litter tray being put under the table and I am going to use it more often but some times accidents do happen. Like yesterday some wee wee squirted out of the baby kitty litter tray. I think may be it was my fault. I was squatting on the edge but I will make sure that I squat further inside the baby kitty litter tray. Mummy saw me and tidied it up for me. I'm sorry."

Daddy is a very good listener.

Nishiko xxx

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Pet Fashion Week!

Calling all Kitizen Fashionistas! Check out the Pet Fashion Week NY 2009 Website! The event took place on August 22nd and 23nd but I've only just heard about... *lol*

The show had featured a variety of pet accessories, apparel and lifestyle items from a selection of internation companies.

Here are a couple of links to videos from last year's shows from NY and Japan! *drools*

Ha! By the way, dogs are not a man's best friend, cats are! Can we show them how it's really done?

I hope you find it interesting! I couldn't find much on Cats unfortunately, which is frustrating!

Kitty xxx

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Keep Smiling!

Hi All!



Just thought I'd inform all the UK bloggers that it is Pet Smile Month. *smiles*

This means that selected vets in your area will be offering free dental check for you furries! Please check the link below to find the nearest vet in your location:

During September over 1500 V-E-T practices across the UK will be providing FREE DENTAL CHECK-UPS. Not only that but they will be distruting 250,000 Goody Bages to cat and dog owners, which will contain special offers and sample of Pedigree DentaStix and Whiskas DentaBits! So go and and make your appointment! *smiles*

It is important to remember that a high percentage of pets are in need of dental treatment but that most dental diseases are treatable. Certainly the vast majority of the diseases are preventable.

By following this second link, you'll be able to download Guides to Dentistry for cat and/or dog owners, which have been designed to give you a lot of information that you can read from home!


So, Don, Xanthe and Nishiko keep me smiling. As you know I have not been well and it will probably take some time before I am 100% better - still got tests to be done at hospital before they know what is wrong with me. So please bear with me if I can't get to the PC or haven't got enough energy to keep you updated with Xanthe and Nishiko's little daily adventures. I am back at work on a part-time basis, haha! My boss can't keep me away even though I am quite teary and still in pain but I love to work - am I strange? Hmmm, yes! *lol*

Kitty xxx

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wordless Wednesday