Friday, September 18, 2009

We're Back!

Purrs and Meows to All!

We are very sorry that we have not been able to post for nearly a week or has it been over a week now?

Mummy has not been up for it, has she?

Nope. She has not been great this week.

Nope. Too much pain.

She has been to the human V-E-T and she has been upset and she has been crying a lot.

Daddy has been looking after her and so have we.

But she is going back to work in a few days so she has been getting active again.

But she still cries sometimes and sleeps a lot still.

We hope she will be ok.

Yes. She has to go back to the human V-E-T in a few days for some kind of scan so they can see what is happening inside her!

That sounds horrible! I hope it does not hurt her *Meow*

Mummy told me that it does not hurt, Nishiko, but that she has to drink a lot of water and then she will need to go to the human litter box afterwards.

How strange!

I know! Let's have a look at Daddy's new shoes!


*Meow* Very nice!

And they smell so good!

But Daddy won't let us near them *Meow*

I wonder why?...

Xanthe xxx

Nishiko xxx


  1. Keep taking extra, special care of your Mommy! We are purraying that she gets better soon! We did miss you both and are glad you are back. Your dad has some kewl, new shoes!!! have a great weekend!

  2. So glad you're back! We are very sorry about your mom's hurty and pains. That is no fun at all! We are purring very hard for her to make a full recovery as soon as possible.

  3. It's nice to see you back! I hope your mommy feels better real soon.

  4. We are so sorry that your momma is crying lots. We are hurty for her heart to feel betters. You's dadda's shoes are really cool☺

  5. Hope your Mom is okay!!! Purrs

  6. Your poor Mummy! Apparently the vibrations from a cat's purrs can be healing, so start your engines, you two!


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