Monday, September 07, 2009

Nishiko's Monday Update

Meow to All!

I'm back! Check Me out!

Looking to the right... See my eye make-up?

Looking to the left... See my eye make-up?!

Here's my beautiful face for you to drool over... See? See?! *Purrs*

Do you like my eye make-up?! I like my eye make-up and thought I would show it off to all of my Kitizen furiends! *Purrs*

Me having a heart to furry heart on the fridge - I am in Xanthe's box. We share it now...

"Well, Daddy I know I shouldn't be weeing on the carpets and I am grateful for the our baby kitty litter tray being put under the table and I am going to use it more often but some times accidents do happen. Like yesterday some wee wee squirted out of the baby kitty litter tray. I think may be it was my fault. I was squatting on the edge but I will make sure that I squat further inside the baby kitty litter tray. Mummy saw me and tidied it up for me. I'm sorry."

Daddy is a very good listener.

Nishiko xxx


  1. Do not worry, sometimes accidents happen. Especially when you are still little!

  2. You're still'll get this weeing thing down!

  3. Sounds like you're trying and that's the important thing. You'll get better at this!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  4. Love your beautiful eye make up!!

    Mom had to get a high-sided trap for Maggie May she doesn't squat low enough when she wee wees.

  5. Your eyeliner is very pretty!

    Sometimes it's hard to get the aim right when you're learning.

  6. You are gorgeous and you are certainly making a good effort with the wee wee stuff.

  7. Don't worry Kitty, you're still young and you have lots of time to learn about the ways of the world and kitty litter!

    You are extremely gorgeous with your all-natural eyeliner! Some cats would kill for that look!

    Thanks for dropping by Dante's blog!

  8. What kyute eyes you have!!! Love the make-up too


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