Monday, September 14, 2009

Homer's Odyssey - An Extract...

Hi All,

I would so like to get this book, this Christmas! *lol*

It's a true story of a Cat named Homer and his owner, Gwen Cooper.

Due to a severe infection at birth, Homer had both eyes removed at the age of just 2 weeks old and the book recounts how he has survived without his sight.

Check out this extract, which the author reads out herself, with Homer playing in catnip in the background - isn't he handsome?!

Kitty xxx


  1. Awww, we WUVS Homer!!!

  2. Bless heart! Homer is just precious! Our mom said she is too tenderhearted to read books like that.

  3. I looooove Homer! I preordered it before it even came out and just started reading it this week. I can't put the book down!

  4. Hi girls and Mom! Tweet Week is just a week of birdie themed posts, that you can play too. No rules or prizes just an ode to all things feathered.

  5. I love this book! Creek Cats, tell your mom this is a VERY happy story with a VERY happy ending! Nobody suffers, nobody dies and even a wimp like me made it all the way through with nothing but a joyful smile on my face.

  6. We love Homer's story! Our momma just finished it and Homer is someone that we really admire!

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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