Saturday, September 05, 2009

Keep Smiling!

Hi All!



Just thought I'd inform all the UK bloggers that it is Pet Smile Month. *smiles*

This means that selected vets in your area will be offering free dental check for you furries! Please check the link below to find the nearest vet in your location:

During September over 1500 V-E-T practices across the UK will be providing FREE DENTAL CHECK-UPS. Not only that but they will be distruting 250,000 Goody Bages to cat and dog owners, which will contain special offers and sample of Pedigree DentaStix and Whiskas DentaBits! So go and and make your appointment! *smiles*

It is important to remember that a high percentage of pets are in need of dental treatment but that most dental diseases are treatable. Certainly the vast majority of the diseases are preventable.

By following this second link, you'll be able to download Guides to Dentistry for cat and/or dog owners, which have been designed to give you a lot of information that you can read from home!


So, Don, Xanthe and Nishiko keep me smiling. As you know I have not been well and it will probably take some time before I am 100% better - still got tests to be done at hospital before they know what is wrong with me. So please bear with me if I can't get to the PC or haven't got enough energy to keep you updated with Xanthe and Nishiko's little daily adventures. I am back at work on a part-time basis, haha! My boss can't keep me away even though I am quite teary and still in pain but I love to work - am I strange? Hmmm, yes! *lol*

Kitty xxx


  1. What a great post! Dental health is very important. My Mommeh brushes our teeth with seafood-flavored toothpaste. We do not enjoy it too much.

  2. That's GR8- our PURRson was a Dental Hygienist in her former life... before cats... we know how important good teeth are!

  3. Hope you are okay Kitty! Purrs and Mom Hugs to you!

  4. Wish we had a program like that here in the US. Hoping that you are on the mend.

  5. We wish that the Vets here would offer Free Dental check-ups! It is very expensive and that keeps most pet owners from bringing in their pets!

  6. Thanks so much for putting my poster on your blog! You guys make me smile!


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