Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Boo! Glowing eyes...

Kitty xxx

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Midnight Walks

I prefer to go for walks with My Dear Xanthe, Mummy and Daddy, when it is very dark outside. We walk along the road, then along the seafront and then along the road back to the room we stay in. It's nice and quiet. There are no broom-brooms around and no people either - they do make me nervous. On the odd walk out at night we have come across an unwelcoming kitizen or a strange orange woofy - Mummy calls it a fox.

Look at my glow in the dark collar and lead!

Nishiko xxx

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Mornings...

My favourite thing in the whole wide world is cuddling up to Daddy in the mornings - not just monday mornings like Mummy has suggested for the title of my post today...

As you can see from the photos below, Daddy and I aren't to keen on having photos taken during our private time together!

Xanthe xxx

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thank you Thursday!

We say thank you to Mummy and Daddy who came to give us a really tasty treat this evening! Salmon skin! It was delicious. We ended up sniffing the room to see if they had hidden anymore when we weren't looking but we haven't found any more yet...

You can hear My Dear Xanthe's meows really loud in this video. We hope you like it.

As you can see we can be devious kitties when we need to be.

Nishiko xxx

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kisses and Cuddles

Mummy has been so busy organising things for her little business that she forgot to do our posts!

Mummy has just opened her first online shop called Oriflame Boutique. There you can find everything your Mummies would like for a good pampering session! Nishiko and I would be very grateful if everyone could have a sneaky peek at Mummy's website and give us your thoughts on it. The address is as follows:

Anyways enough about Mummy and more about Me!

Here are a couple of photos of Me cuddling up to Mummy earlier last week. I do this to both Mummy and Daddy most mornings to wake them up, but sometimes I fall asleep myself as I get too comfortable. I like to kiss Mummy and Daddy while cuddling up to them and need them with my sharp claws! Sometimes I make marks on Mummy's arms!

Can you see my sharp claws? As you can see I do enjoy kissing Mummy and Daddy. I also like to rub myself against Daddy's hairy chin!

Look what Nishiko and Me have received!

We've got an award from Bear, Rocco and Kenzo at Meow! Purrs to you all!

We are supposed to tell seven things about ourselves, so we'll give it a try...

  1. I prefer meat to dry food by Nishiko will eat it all.
  2. I am a Daddy's cat and Nishiko is a Mummy's cat.
  3. Nishiko is more comfortable going for her walks at night.
  4. I like to walk during the day so that I can see the birdies in the bush and in the tree.
  5. We have clawed the wallpaper off the walls in the Old Man's room that we are staying in and he's not very happy with Mummy and Daddy now!
  6. Nishiko's favourite toy is still the Rattlesnake.
  7. I like to play fetch with Daddy and Mummy. I'm so clever like that.

This award has to be passed to 7 new bloggers. Nishiko and I have decided to to pass it to Sparkle the Designer Cat, Tiny and Lautrec at WeezDaBadCats, Jake and Micah at Adventures in Catnip, All the Kitizens and baby Kitties at Curlz and Swirlz, Life with Cornish Rex Cats, Aggie Waggy at Lady Java's Blogger Cats, Mr Tuck and All the Kitizens down at Pet Meadow!

If you've already received this award, we do say sorry.

Xanthe xxx

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pretty Kitty!

I love rolling on the bed! It's so soft and bouncy. Mummy took these photos of me after we had made the bed.

There has been some good news for Mummy this week. She's applied to become a Beauty Consultant for someone called Oriflame? She keeps coming to bed with interesting smells around her, but luckily no flames! Mummy says that the things she sells only make humans prettier so I won't be able to use them even though it smells so good! Although, she tells me that I'm too pretty and wouldn't need anything else.

Nishiko xxx

Fun in the Sun Light

The sun has been out more the last couple of days. Mummy was sorting out the dirty washing so I thought I'd roll about on it in the sun and it was so much fun!

Xanthe xxx

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bird Watching

We like to do a lot of Birdie Watching. We like to watch them when we go for our walks with Mummy and Daddy but most of the time we have to watch them from the window in the place we are staying in, in the Old Man's garden.

Here's the picture to show you what we mean.

Here's a photo of us in the Old Man's garden watching Birdies from afar.

Xanthe and Nishiko xxx

Monday, March 15, 2010

Box Crazy

Nishiko and Me enjoy our boxes. Here are some snaps of Me diggy my Claws and Teeth into our current box. I like these photos because it really shows off the contrast in my furrs.

It's nice to show that I am also a little rufty tufty despite my size!

Xanthe xxx

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Glamor Puss Saturday - Xanthe

Xanthe xxx

Friday, March 12, 2010

Claws the Movie!

Here's Claws the Movie, featuring Me! Nishiko *Meow* and Mummy's finger.

Enjoy! xxx

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feather Attack!

*Meow* What's this feather want?

Not up the nose!

OK, I'm coming to get you!

Nishiko xxx

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Xanthe's Wordy Wednesday

Look! Mummy has changed the look of our page! *Meow* I like it, don't you? It's nice and bright and our main photo has changed too... Mummy has removed herself from it. Daddy is not too sure about the colours but Mummy says she's not going to change it because she likes it.

I also think Mummy did a good job on Nishiko's entry for the Acatemy Awards! I fury much like all the other entries too.

Daddy won't let me have any of his doritos this week. But I must try some of your favourite human foods too.

Mummy and Daddy have started to look for our next home. They haven't found anything yet but Mummy is seeing one or two homes a week. Mummy says that it won't be long now before we will have a lot of room to run about in. I'm quite excited.

Xanthe xxx

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Jaws? No, Claws!

Here's my entry for the Acatemy Awards! Mummy took a movie of me last night which she hopes to post tomorrow. *Meow* I'm so excited!
Please click the poster to enlarge!

Nishiko xxx

P.S> Mummy has updated her shop and has also listed some interesting books for all kitizens to look at and purchase.

Monday, March 08, 2010


Purrs to All!

Nishiko and Me are very fond of one of Daddy's treats. Some evenings he'll eat them while watching the big picture box. We will jump and run all around him trying to get one of his treats. Sometimes we will be able to swipe one from his hand before he puts it in his mouth! Mummy now calls us the Dorito Kitties!

Dorito Kitty Xanthe

What human treats do you like?

Xanthe xxx

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Between the Sheets

Meow to all!

Mummy had been busy the last few days and forgot that it was my turn to post, so I reminded her today and here I am!

I thought I'd show you photos of one of my favourite activities with Mummy: helping Mummy make the bed! I love this because Mummy always makes it a fun task or My Dear Xanthe and Me make it a fun task for her.

All sheets come off and the bed is made from scratch. At the moment the electric blanket goes on first, because Mummy finds it too cold in the night where we are staying at the Old Man's house.

This is a picture of Me playing hide and seek with My Dear Xanthe - I'm the lump under the red sheet.

Then we play cat fight. My Dear Xanthe is very good at this and I think she would be a grreat fighter against the big cats from the garden next door.

Once the bed is made it is time to relax.

Nishiko xxx

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Nishiko playing peek-a-boo

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Snowy memories...

Nishiko and I experienced 'snow' for the first time a few weeks ago! It's a funny thing, cold and wet but great fun to run about in especially when I'm shoulders deep in the stuff:

Nishiko and I walking in the white stuff (I'm on the right)! Yeah! Mummy and Daddy take us out walking now... I've managed to walk to the beach and back with Mummy and Daddy looking after me. It's nice to see new things *Meow*

Mummy took this beautiful photo of Nishiko...

and Daddy took this one of Me with Mummy. Mummy looks floofier than me in her funny looking hat!

But the best thing about when the snow comes is that we get to snuggle up in the blankets!

Purrs to All!


Monday, March 01, 2010

We've Missed You All!

Purrs to All!

It's been so long... We had to bully Mummy into writing our blog again because she forgot about it. We kept her up half the night, last night...

Xanthe and Me agreed that we should make sure Mummy writes on our blog at least once every week from now on because it is good for her and keeps us happy!

We're helping Mummy get back into socialising with all our fellow Kitizens so that we don't loose touch with any of you again *Meow*

We've grown so big. We're 9 months old now!
Here are a couple of photos to show you...

Xanthe with Daddy

Nishiko with Mummy

We'll make sure to post again within the next few days. But for now it's just a quick one to tell you that we've missed you all so much and can't wait to chat to you all again.


Xanthe and Nishiko