Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Xanthe's Wordy Wednesday

Look! Mummy has changed the look of our page! *Meow* I like it, don't you? It's nice and bright and our main photo has changed too... Mummy has removed herself from it. Daddy is not too sure about the colours but Mummy says she's not going to change it because she likes it.

I also think Mummy did a good job on Nishiko's entry for the Acatemy Awards! I fury much like all the other entries too.

Daddy won't let me have any of his doritos this week. But I must try some of your favourite human foods too.

Mummy and Daddy have started to look for our next home. They haven't found anything yet but Mummy is seeing one or two homes a week. Mummy says that it won't be long now before we will have a lot of room to run about in. I'm quite excited.

Xanthe xxx


  1. We think your page looks pawsome!!!

    Good luck to your mom and dad in finding your next new home!

  2. You page looks PURRific!!! And our mom says the colors are GRRR-8~!!! Sorry about the NO Doritos this can come to our house...we have some! :o) Good luck to your 'beans on househunting!

  3. I'm glad your human has wised up and removed herself from your main photo - I taught mine long ago that the spotlight is meant for me and me alone! And I'm impressed that the two of them are also looking for a bigger house for you to run around in. You have trained them well!

  4. Your new design looks cool!

  5. I'm liking your new page design! Any luck with today's flat viewing? x

  6. Loving the new look - great design and colours :)


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