Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nishi's Deals

Mummy still isn't feeling her best today but she's been out and about for a good time of today. Mummy and Daddy opened the window in our main room today, only a crack because they don't want My Dear Xanthe and Me to jump out. But it was enough to see clearly the fat birds in the tree opposite. It was so exciting!

This weeks deals will be featuring beds which I think look quite interesting and comfortable.


This is a must have, I do believe, I would like Mummy and Daddy to get this for Me so that I can sit on the top and tell My Dear Xanthe that I am Top Queen! MOL!

Now I think most Mummys and Daddys would like this bed for us kitizens. Daddy doesn't like it when I curl up on his computer especially if he is watching a Movie with Mummy. But if he gets me this box which fits on the side of the desk, I might be persuaded to lie there instead?

Now I know these meece aren't for sleeping on but I wouldn't mind kicking them around the floor before carrying them over to my bed to cuddle up to them while I rest. What do you think?

Just click the photos of the things you like the look of and it will take you straight to the product's page - Mummy is so clever like that!

Now don't forget My Big Red Nose Project. I'm not going to be able to snoopervise Mummy much if no one wants a Big Red Nose like mine...



  1. Those are some cool beds! I doubt if my mom would get anything like that though! She says I would never use it. How does she know if she doesn't give it a chance?

  2. OMC I love the bed wif all the platforms. We need to find lots of green papers fur dat /dreams. Have a pawsome weekend
    Luna & Zulu

  3. that was so sweet of you to post the links but unfortunately on the first one (that I LOVED!) there was no pricing available and they couldn't let you know when the item would be back in stock (I believe that is what the ETA meant).

  4. Oooh, that tall bed is cool!!!!


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