Saturday, February 19, 2011

Nishi's Deals

As Mummy has given My Dear Xanthe a special post, she only thought it would be fair to give Me one too! So now I have the task of letting you all know about all things cat related for sale. So My special page is called Nishi's Deals! Doesn't that sound good? Meow!


Look at what your Mummy could get from Its a Sugar Coated Cat Handbag! I think it is so cute and I would love to sit inside it and fall asleep... It has lots of cats drawn all over it in different colours.

You can also get the matching overnight bag - it's bigger and fits more things inside it, so maybe My Dear Xanthe can join Me for a cuddle inside this one?

But what about us? Well check out this Smiles' Kitty Gift Box for Cats ONLY, Meow! It has lots of food and treats and a little toy too! And they are all natural products. That means it's so good to our tummies.

Just click the photos of the goods you like the look of and it will take you straight to the product's page - Mummy is so clever like that!



  1. Nishi, you have great taste! I love that handbag!! The kitty gift box is pretty pawesome too :)

  2. I agree with Catsparella (who happens to have good taste herself!)

    These are adorable!


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