Monday, February 28, 2011

Movie Monday

Meow to all! I want to say thank you to Fui, Suey and Lishi at Forever Foster for saying that my name is so pretty. Daddy chose it for me after he and Mummy met us where our birth Mummy lived! See >>HERE<< It is a Greek name meaning Yellow Haired. It refers to my glittered fur. Purrs...

Here is another movie of Me today! Mummy and Daddy play lots of chess in the evenings and I like playing it too! Knocking off the little black pieces off the table is great fun but I haven't come accross the prawn yet, nothing smells fishy about the game... My favourite piece is the little black horsey!



  1. You are most welcome, Xanthe :)
    A set chess board would never last in our house, either. Your tummy was very cute :)

  2. You're obviously a Master!

  3. You are a cutie and looks like a master at the chess.. Hugs GJ xx


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