Friday, February 18, 2011

Xanthe's Eventful Friday!

Meow! Look at Me! Mummy has Me doing a special post on Fridays now! I shall be informing all Kitizens and Citizens of important dates, events and competitions that may be of interest to you all! Meow! I'm so excited that I can't stop playing with my little red bottle top, bashing it around and around the floor!


Cats Protection are looking for feline tales for their 2011 writin competition. The categoties are short stories and poetry, and first prize is a laptop worth up to £350.00! For more information click >>HERE<< But be quick because entries close on February 25th!

The Pet Factor is looking for extraordinary pets. So whatever makes you a special cat or woofy, let them know before February 28th and you and your Mummy and Daddy could be walking away as winners of the Pet Factor 2011! Click >>HERE<< for more information. This competition is hosted by Pet Health Information.

If you are hosting a contest or special event that you would like to be shown here, please email Me at - yes Nishiko and Me have an email address separate from Mummy's!

Good Luck Purrs to All



  1. This is a great idea!! We're glad you posted those events!

  2. thanks for the info! So nice of you to keep us informed!


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