Thursday, July 16, 2009

8 Weeks Old Today!

We thank everyone for their lovely messages and enjoy reading all your lovely blogs! Xanthe and Nishiko are 8 weeks old today! Woohoo! Here are two little photos I took of them especially to celebrate *smiles*

Xanthe with Red Feathered Ball

Nishiko with Blue Feathered Ball

Now the visit to the vets yesterday went a lot better than Tuesday's visit... For one thing, we turned up at the correct practice! The Kittens are in good health. They'll have to return in two weeks time for their first set of jabs - oh dear, I don't think they'll enjoy those, do you?

At the moment Nishiko doesn't seem to want to use the kitty litter tray, all the time. Nope, she seems pretty keen on keeping Don and I on our toes and likes to squat under the dinning room table. As I was preparing our 'Spag-Bol' this evening, I came up with an idea and stuck some onion peels under the table. The Kittens don't like the smell of these onion peels and Nishiko is going back to the kitty litter tray! Hehe! Good girl, Nishiko *winks*

There is one thing I haven't figured out yet and that is to get her to eat the kitty biscuits that we leave out for them both for 'free feeding'. We've tried a few different brands. Xanthe loves her kitty biscuits but Nishiko won't go near them. So I'm calling out to all Citizens and Kitizens for advice on how to get Nishiko to eat her bickies...


  1. Maybe she just prefers wet food, once I tasted Gravy I refused to ever go back to dry.

    Can I introduce you to the Cat Blogosphere yet?

  2. Happy 8 weeks, cuties!
    Sorry we don't have any good advice for getting Nishiko to eat her bickies...... none of us would ever turn down food :) That is why we cannot be free fed around here, we have to be fed on a schedule.


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