Thursday, August 20, 2009

Xanthe's Thursday Update

Meow to All!

It was Daddy's birthday yesterday day! Happy Birthday to My Daddy! *Meow meow meow* He got lots of colourful cards which Mummy put up high so that Nishiko and me can't get to them and chew them. Mummy let Nishiko and me choose a present each to give to him which I think he liked receiving too. Mummy called them books. Daddy likes reading lots and lots of books! Books makes peoples very smart! Daddy is the smartest man I know! *purrs* So Nishiko and me were very good with Daddy yesterday.

Mummy gave me a clawicure today. She trimmed all my claws and even filed them which felt funny. She said she was bored being at home with her bad back even when Nishiko and me try to keep her busy. Nishiko isn't too fond of the clawicure. I'm only just getting used to it.

Oh dear! The other day Daddy and Mummy put Nishiko and me in the big pink bowl full of water! It was horrible and we both got very wet and spent a lot of time grooming ourselves to get dry afterwards. But Mummy made it up to us afterwards by doing a photoshoot which she says she'll post this weekend. So make sure you look out for that...

Xanthe xxx


  1. Happy birtthday to your Daddy!!! We're sure he had a wonderfurl day! The only one of us that likes clawicures is Skeeter...but like we said numerous times...she's a wee bit weird! Can't wait to see your "wet" pictures!!!

  2. You look super sweet! Maybe you should tell your Mom you girls can bath yourselves?

  3. I get my claws trimmed all of the time, but mom has never used a file on them.

  4. I hope your Daddy had a very happy birthday!

    ps: I do not enjoy getting my clawrs clipped, either.


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