Saturday, August 29, 2009

Xanthe's Late Night Report

Meow to All!

*Meow* Nishiko and Me can jump higher each day! We can jump onto the Kitchen Tops now! We have seen so many things before Mummy and Daddy have put them away *Meow*.

Mummy and Daddy are checking up on us more often now than ever especially when we sneak off into the Kitchen... My favorite place in on top of the Big White Machine that keeps all the food for Mummy and Daddy. There is a box on top of the Big White Machine with little boxes inside it that keeps changing every day or two! It's nice to go there to relax and sleep *Purrs*. Sometimes I even share it with Nishiko.

There are lots of sponges in the Kitchen too! Nishiko is particular fond of sponges but now Mummy and Daddy hide them from us. We can't find them anywhere now. But it is fun exploring the tops. We never know what crumbs we're going to find on them but we're both seem to be getting sore tummies seen trying the different crumbs and Mummy is worried about the smells coming from the litterbox...

Xanthe xxx


  1. We bet your mom and dad are really thrilled that you can jump higher now! ;-)

  2. Oh, I love the fridgey too. It's one of the funnest places in the house.

  3. I love jumping up on things, too! The higher, the better!

  4. Like Daisy said...the HIGHER the BETTER!!! Gotta keep a hawk eye on effurything!!! We like cruisin' the counters too. Mom always finds Pandora's toesie prints on the cutting board! We know it's her, because she's the only one who goes on that counter!


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