Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Nishiko's Monday Update (late edition)

Purrs to all!

Tis is a photo of me on my Daddy's back. I think Daddy's shoulders and back are really comfortable and I can see a lot from up there. Plus his hair tickles my nose and is nice to chew on *purrs*

Mummy is still off work with her bad back, she told us that she'll be off for the whole of this week, so My Dear Xanthe and me will need to keep her busy! If anyone has any ideas on how we can do this please let us know as my usual weeing on the carpet seems to be having the wrong effect on her *meow*

Mummy came home from the human V-E-T today with some treats for Xanthe and me. New kitty bickies! Very tasty! Royal Canin? Very tasty! Mummy says we are only allowed a few each day to make them last, which is ok I suppose. Mummy also bought Your Cat Magazine, September issue, which she says she's going to read it to us when Daddy is out at work this week so that we can learn things! Ooo... I get to tell you interesting things about us Kitizens in future posts, ooo...

I would like to say at this point, congratulations to Harley who won the Cutest Cat Photo Contest on Facebook *purrs* Well done Handsome Harley, hehe... I came in a good 7th place, which I am quite proud of...

That's all from me tonight, I'm off to play with Xanthe.

Nishiko xxx


  1. I hope your mom's back is better soon. My mom is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow.

  2. You should really be proud of that 7th place finish! That really is pawsome! We voted for you everyday!

    Sending your mom lots of healing vibes!

  3. Hoping your Mom gets better real soon.

  4. You found a good spot to hang out there on your dad's back! Hope your mom's back gets better...then maybe you can hang out on hers too!

  5. What a kewl perch to look from!!! King does that to out Dad. They call him The Shoulder Boy! We guess boys like doing that for some reason! Looking forward to some tidbits you will learn from your magazine!!!

  6. Nishiko, you are so adorable, the only thing that would have made Harley happier is if you had won, too. But you should be very, very proud of how well you did!

    I think if you curl up next to your mom and purr in her ear it will help her feel better. At least, I hope so!


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