Monday, August 10, 2009

Nishiko's Monday Update

Purrs to All!

Thank you all for your messages. I like reading them all. It's nice to know that there are Kitizens out there who are just a chatty as we are. *purrs*

My Dear Xanthe and I were put under a bit of stress, yesterday. Our claws have been shortened and blunted! We can't climb as well as we could a couple of days ago. No curtain climbing, not even a trouser leg! It is quite furrustrating!

Xanthe was most surprised as Daddy took hers off when she was napping. When she woke up she couldn't do a thing. Poor Xanthe. Meanwhile, I was awake during the whole proceedure. Mummy and Daddy was holding me down and telling me how good I was, even though I was crying and wanting to get away. But they fed me my favorite kitty bickies afterwards.

Xanthe didn't win her photo contest on facebook. She wasn't as upset as Mummy was. For those who want to know the top three winners - who weren't as cute as My Dear Xanthe and my Mummy's Photo *meow* here is the link:

OMC! Mummy told me that there is now another contest on facebook and that she's entered a picture of me! It's a photo contest for the Cutest Kitty!!! I'm the Cutest! I said so on Saturday! I'm going to win! I'm going to be the winner! *meow meow meow*

Erm, really??? Tis difficult to get the votes, Nishiko!

Xanthe! Monday is my day! Go away! I'll fight you later! *grrr*

Sorry... Erm, to all my dearest Kitizens and Citizens, please find a link to my voting page below, and vote for your Cutest Kitty, Me! *purr*

Nishiko, darling, that's enough!

Mummy! *purrs purrs* I better go...

Nishiko xxx


  1. Our mom is getting her FB friends to vote for you as well!!! Sorry about the nail clippies. Skeeter actually likes when our mommy files them with a nailfile!!! She's SO weird!!! Hope you have a GRRR-8 Monday!!!

  2. We don't like when our claws get clipped either! Makes it hard to climb and scratch (mom sez that's why she does it!).

    Good luck with your new contest. You're sure to win this one!

  3. You should both win, you were robbed!

  4. Oh, I hates getting my clawrs trimmed, too. I am so honored to have my link on your Facebook page. You are nice!


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