Thursday, August 06, 2009

Xanthe's Thursday Update

Purrs to All!

OMC! It feels like a while since I've talked to you all on here, hehe... Well, we've been busy looking after Mummy... She went back to work today and promised that I would have my say on the blog tonight as it was wordless wednesday last night and she was not well on Tuesday. Poor Mummy... So Nishiko and I have had our sisterly disagreements, nothing that we can't handle... Oh and I had to go back to the V-E-T yet again on Tuesday! But it was not as bad as before because I didn't have that nasty thing up my bottom! *meow*

Anyway, Mum managed to enter me and her into a photo competithon on Facebook with the animal rescue site! Ooo I'm so excited but Mummy is more than worried, she tells me that we don't have enough votes to win and above all that there are people on there who are cheating because it is suppose to be a human and furry competithon but some poeple are just showing photos of furries. Oh! The horror of it all! To all my Kitizen furends who are on facebook and would like to vote for Mummy and me, please follow this link...

If you have any problems just message me, Mummy will pass it on *purrs*

Here are some photos of Nishiko and Me looking after Mummy this week. Daddy took the last one of us asleep together. Mummy turned them into black and white pictures, what do you think?

Xanthe xxx


  1. You are both such lovelies... And our Mommy voted for you!!! Good luck - "Shannon voted for the Best "You & Your Pet" Photo Contest . Have you voted? ?" We made her prove it! MOL

  2. Good luck with your contest...we hope you win!

  3. I think you look pretty in any color!

  4. I think you are adorable. Good luck on the competition.

  5. Oh you are so cute in black and white! We are glad you are taking care of your Mom! Good luck on the competition! We will go vote for you!
    Your FL furiends,


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