Sunday, May 01, 2011

Weekend Royalty and Rememberance

Mummy has been busy this weekend and has not had time to post. We have been busy too! Sleeping, eating, more sleeping, running around for 5 minutes, cuddling and more eating. OMC I better go sleep again! MOL...

I even dissappeared for a few hours, I escaped through an open window in the bedroom. I came back to find Mummy and Daddy both looking for me in the communial gardens. Nishiko is angry with me as apparently I smell funny! Well that's what you get from exploring among bushes and flowers and trees.

Yesterday Mummy went to her Nanny's for a Tart and Tiara's Party in celebration of a Royal Wedding. She came back home feeling ill as she had eaten too many Tarts! MOL... Nishiko and Me asked what the Royal Wedding was and she explained to us that a Prince William was getting married to a Duchess, they are to be the future King and Queen of England.

Nishiko and Me were a little confused as we thought we were Queens too. Mummy said that we are different Queens. All female kitizens are Queens and in her opinion we are more important than human Queens. She explained to us that kitizens were worshipped thousands of years before the King and Queens of England!

So she did these two pictures of Nishiko and Me wearing Crowns to show us how beautiful we would look wearing them...

Don't I look cute?

This weekend the Cat Blogosphere are holding a Weekend of Rememberance to remember all Kitizens that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. It is being hosted by Kashim, Othello and Salome at Three Tabby Cats in Vienna.

We light a candle on our blog in honour of all Kitizens that have crossed to the bridge, from the tournado in America to the big shake and wave in Japan. We would also like to take a moment to think of Sweet Praline who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last week.



  1. Xanthe, Nishiko is just jealous because you got to go outside and explore! And I agree, we kitty queens are FAR more interesting and important than human queens.

  2. You both look lovely in your crowns!

  3. I had my say at

  4. I love the crown pictures very much and you both look superb.. Hugs GJ x

  5. You two look like the Royalty we Cats are!

  6. You both look beautiful in your crowns! We sure hope your mommy feels better soon.

  7. that party sounded like a lot of fun! I would have loved to have eaten tarts with your Mummy! You look adorable in your crowns!

  8. Yoo look byootiful in yoor crowns!


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