Friday, May 27, 2011

Competition Update

OMC! We've had a bit of a problem with the Friday-Ads Favourite Pet Competition! Mummy was very angry and refused to show us the photos until it had been sorted out.

What happened is that they had put two photos of My Dear Xanthe in Mummy's paper last week, instead of one of Me and one of My Dear Xanthe...

This was My Dear Xanthe's photo for last week:

And this was my photo last week:

As you can see it is My Dear Xanthe in a different pose! I was very upset when Mummy showed Me. But then Mummy sorted it out with the Professional Photographer and they reprinted the correct photos in Mummy's paper today...

I'm back in the Competition now! I don't understand how they couldn't tell the difference between My Dear Xanthe and Me. Even though we are sisfurs, we are nothing alike!

So as they have made a big mistake with my photos, I think we should spam the voting page! What do you think?

You can still vote for My Dear Xanthe and Me by visiting the Friday Ad's website and by completing the online form. You can choose "P88 Xanthe" to vote for My Dear Xanthe or "P61 Nishiko" to vote for Me.

Nishiko xxx


  1. Silly Humans! Me and Rupert get all mixed up too!
    xx Grace (the Pretty Grey Cat!)

  2. Well, we sure are glad the paper reprinted your pictures correctly! :)

    We voted for both of you beauties!!!

  3. I am sad they did that but no wory we will go back and vote for you. Hugs GJ xx


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