Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vote for Me!

Do you remember that we had a Professional Photo shoot in April? Nishiko and Me are now in a competition to be Fridy Ad's Favourite Pet!

We are suppose to be appearing in the Friday Ad this Friday, which is a paper Mummy gets. I'll get Mummy to post the pictures on here once she has got her paper.

Anyways you can still vote for Nishiko and Me by visiting the Friday Ad's website and by completing the online form. You can choose "P88 Xanthe" to vote for Me or "P61 Nishiko" to vote for Nishiko.

Please vote for Me! I'm a good choice of kitizen. My fur is soft and great to stroke. I'm a good purrer and I love to cuddle up to Daddy and Mummy at bedtime. I can also open draws and cupboards and I love to play fetch with my bottle tops. I'm very intelligent!

Xanthe xxx


  1. Xanthe, can you ask your mum if she knows whether we can vote for you guys even though we live across the pond?

  2. Hi Xanthe! We voted for you! We're not sure if our vote will be valid once they see our telephone number, but the message said the vote went through. We hope you win! :)


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