Saturday, May 28, 2011


OMC! It's a monster!

Oh no it's just Mummy behind the flashing thing...

Don't scare me like that can't you see that I'm trying to relax?

Please vote for Me and Nishiko as your Favourite Friday-Ad Pet. You can still vote for by visiting the Friday Ad's website and by completing the online form. You can choose "P88 Xanthe" to vote for Me or "P61 Nishiko" to vote for Nishiko.

Xanthe xxx


  1. MOL, Xanthe. We think our mom and dad with the flashy box is pretty scary, too! :)

  2. Hi Nishiko & Xanthe! We're the cats from Feline Family, we have a new blog and wanted to say hello!

    We voted for Nishikp for the ad because Nishiko's name cane first, please don't be grouchy Xanthe, we'll vote for you next time!

    We hope you have a nice weekend! Come visit if you'd like...we would! Bob, Addie, JoJo, Lola, Mr. Magoo, Huxley, Hennessey, Sadie, Jazzy & Dopey!

  3. Moms! Always waking us up to take pictures or rub our tummies. What a pain. But they DO have the thumbs!

  4. I hate when my human pulls out that thing sometimes.

  5. That flashy box can be kinda scary!!

  6. Thank goodness you are okay and it was only your Mom taking a photo.


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