Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Photo Shoot

Today we had to go to a professional photographer to have our photos taken professionally and not by Mummy so that we can enter a pet competition which will take place in May.

Nishiko was very excited and kept waking Mummy up early this morning, although when we got there she went all shy and kept following Mummy around the photo shoot room.

I was ok. Mummy warmed me up for the photo shoot this morning by taking these pictures:

Aren't I purrfect? Mind you at the professional photograph I fouond the flash lights rather off putting and started hissing at them.



  1. Wow! we can't wait to see the pictures from the shoot!

  2. Xanthe, you can't hiss at the flashing lights - they will think you are unprofessional!

  3. We can't imagine a Bean so twisted that they use a flashy box for a living! They are strange. Nonetheless, we can't wait to see the photos.

  4. Yes! We can't wait to see them too! Although Bengals are so naturally beautiful, that even if you drew us with a crayon, we'd still be the most beautiful in the world! :-)

  5. oh Xanthe!! I hiss when I get my picture taken too! I hate it! xoxo

  6. Oh my, a professional photo shoot? I am impressed.

    We are organising a party "Calling All Angels" for all the furry angels on May 1 at http://floofandfur.blogspot.com

    We hope to make it an annual event to rememeber all the those who have gone before. Sweet Praline is our mascot for the inaugural party. We would like to use the graphic that you have kindly made for her - Praline in Wings - as the header for the special party. Is that OK? If so, could you please let me have the graphic without all the writing? My email address is momoandco at gmail dot com.

  7. How exciting! I cannot wait to see the photos!


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