Saturday, April 02, 2011

Good Patient, Bad Patient

Meow to All!

I'm back! Purrs...

Mummy and Daddy have done a very good job of being Mummy Nurse and Daddy Doctor. They have looked after me well despite Mummy worrying about me, Daddy was very patient. But they both thought that I was a worse Kitizen Patient than My Dear Xanthe... I wonder why?

I was very scared and didn't understand how the Garden Gnome could have left me with such a nasty looking scar and the V.E.T. is just a horrible place to go to and I had to go three times! Plus Xanthe was having a go at me for smelling really nasty. But I couldn't help it and I apologised to her that I had treated her in the same way when she had The Cone on.

 The Cone... What a nasty thing it is and I had three of them!

The Tiny Cone is the one that the V.E.T. put on me despite my fight for them not to. They told Mummy that as soon as I was awake I was messing around with my wound... It was horrible! They did not do a great job and it was all bumpy and very very sore!

The Cone - this is the one that Xanthe had when she came back from her Ladygardenectomy. It was just bearable but I got my mouth stuck under it one night when I was trying to clean my neck and Mummy had to help Me get it off. We were both in a panic about it but then...

The Large Cone was the final enemy! I could not get it off, I had more difficulty eating and drinking and so I spent most of the time cuddling up to Mummy and Daddy on the bed.

I am so happy that all of that is over now and I can be my self again.



  1. We's sorry that you had to go to the dr. and now you's have to wear a cone. We haven't had to wear one yet, but it looks awfully uncomfortable and most undignifying for a kitty to wear, but you still manage to look beautiful. We's glad you home and now start feeling better.

    Miss Bella and Sele

  2. So glad things are finally getting back to normal.

  3. dear Nishiko, I am so glad that awful experience is over! The price we women have to pay! Geeze!

  4. Those cones look very, very skerry. I am glad I have never had to wear one. I hope you are all better now!

  5. ohhh my little sis-ter knows JUST how you feels about these cones... she was wearing one too up until yesterday.

  6. Aww, poor girl! I'm glad the whole ordeal is finally over!


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