Friday, April 08, 2011

I'm Ninja Nishi!

I'm so clever. Mummy says that I am a Ninja at times. Ninja Nishi!

Mummy got Me, I mean My Dear Xanthe and Me a new toy last week and I'm really clever with it. My Dear Xanthe hasn't managed to fathom it out yet. It's a ball with a hole and inside the ball Mummy puts our treats. At first I was thinking 'why are you locking away our treat in a ball? But then I started rolling it about on the floor and a treat came out. I rolled it again and again and I got more treats. The ball gives me treats for playing with it. So now it's my favourite toy! I asked Mummy to make a movie because I want to share it with all my Kitizen Furiends...

What do you think?



  1. Good job figuring that out. My Mommeh thinks that looks like a great "enrichment" toy!

  2. What a fun video, Nishiko. We can definitely see you are a very, very smart kitty! It's no wonder that the ball is your favorite toy now. After all ... a ball that dispenses noms?! Just brilliant! :)


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