Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Searching for the Right Kitten - Part 7

Good evening All!

Well, the poll is underway... and we don't have many peeps participating yet... Although it has only been up for 24 hours and there are 6 days to go, so I'm staying hopeful that more people will take part.

I've been in contact with the breeder this evening and we've have booked a day this weekend to see the litter, woohoo! Apparently, all the kittens are females, which I find quite unusual but Don and I are still excited and waiting impatiently, lol... We've already decided on names... If it was a male kitty, his name would be Daedalus and if it was a female kitty, her name would be Xanthe(y) - note I like to add the 'y' on the end, Don says 'Xanthe' will be the actual name though, lol... I shall try and take some photos this weekend to show you all later next week...

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  1. I went with the Bengal, love those markings!

    BTW I like the new look.


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