Monday, June 15, 2009

Searching for the Right Kitten - Part 1

I'm so excited! My landlord has finally given me the permission to have a cat in the house, which I have been renting with my long-term partner, Don, for nearly two years now. Woohoo! I just love kitties! Although it was difficult bringing Don around to the idea of having a pet cat at first, he is now as excited as I am. He has chosen the breed - we are to have a full bred bengal kitten.

So our search has begun to find our 'little buddy' as Don put it on Saturday evening while we were out having a quick pint at the pub before meeting his family for a meal out. We have searched the internet high and low for bengal breeders in our area, calling them and enquiring about their litters. We have discussed and rediscussed our options and are now in contact with a breeder, arranging to view our first litter of kittens in a couple of weeks! Until then we are hooked on youtube videos and cat magazines and gathering all the information we can get to become good cat owners.

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