Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Searching for the Right Kitten - Part 6

Hello to All! I hope you've all had a good weekend?

I've been reading about buying pedigree kittens in the last couple of days in the Your Cat Magazine, July 2009 issue... Yes I've moved straight onto the next issue already!

The magazine lists the 'Top 5 Cat Breeds' as the following:
- the British Shorthair
- the Siamese
- the Bengal - which is the pedigree Don and I are hoping to buy
- the Persian
- the Burmese.

The magazine states that before we buy our chosen breed we much find out as much as we can about it... Hmmm, well I've read about the pedigree on wiki and many other sites and I know that Don has also done his research too. We've also spoken to a few breeders... So next step is to visit the kittens, which is going to be taking place this weekend... Yes, we are very excited! Now we have to make sure that the kittens are seen with their mum and that all of them looks clean, happy, healthy and alert... No problem, I'll remember that, lol... Now, Don and I are not planning to show our kitten so we don't need to worry about the stardard requirements for show cats...

Ooo... There are more things to say but I'll mention those tomorrow, lol... Hehe the house is all clean now! I'm going to chillout with some ice cream and do some more reading...

By the way, I hope you all like the new look of this blog and that you've all browsed the new shop?

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