Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

OMC! I love it when Mummy is poorly!

It's because I am allowed in the bedroom. I'm allowed on the bed. I'm allowed to fall asleep with Mummy, keeping her safe from the Germ Mans...

Here I am making sure that Mummy has enough water and tissues to fight them off...

Then I had to check the blanks for cold spots and warm them up for her...

Then I kept watch while Mummy was asleep. But I didn't see any Germ Mans...

Mummy said the the Germ Mans are very tiny and can't been seen by human eyes or cat eyes! She said I did a great job keeping her company though...



  1. You have excellent nursing skills, Nishiko! Just remember to take care of yourself too, because it's hard work and very tiring to nurse the moms (and dads).

  2. WOW! Yoo are excellent at snoopervising for germ-mans!

    Thank yoo for visiting our blog!

  3. PS: We hope yoor mommy feels better soon.

  4. the "germ mans" lol! You are such a sweet kitty to take such good care of your Mommy!!! Please tell your Mom to feel better soon!

  5. Aww, Nishiko!! You are absolutely precious, and such a good nurse!! I'm sure your Mom is going to get better so much faster because you are taking such wonderful care of her! Tell her I hope she gets well soon!

  6. Hey, you guys look like my sister Mariah!

    Nice to meet you.

  7. Hope your Mom is better now!


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