Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nishi's Big Red Nose!

Meow to All!

My Dear Xanthe and Me are ok. Xanthe has had her ladygardenectomy and is recovering well - although she looks scary to me with her cone hat and has a big bald patch on one side of her body, she smells funny and is sleeping a lot more. Me on the other paw has a poorly belly and I have to see the V-E-T again on friday... If my tummy is better I will be looking like My Dear Xanthe for a while too! But the good thing is that while Mummy and Daddy are wating for my tummy to get better, they are feeding Me chicken that is very yummy!


I have been waiting for fellow kitizens to send me their photos for My Fundraising Project to raise money for Red Nose Day. But I have been able to snoopervise Mummy putting Big Red Noses on the photos because we haven't received any...

Mummy has even made a video to explain the importance of Red Nose Day...

If you would like a Big Red Nose, here is what you will need to do...

1. Click our big banner above and make a donation.
2. Send your photo to Me at kittyscatchat@gmail.com.
3. Mummy will make your picture under my snoopervision.
5. Your picture will then be posted on Kitty's Cat Chat on Friday.

I said to Mummy that we still only have 98 pictures to do before we meet our target for Red Nose Day! I hope a lot of you will want to help? Don't forget that on Friday a special Red Nose Day post will be showing all Kitizens and Woofies and any other Furries, who have taken part, in one big picture like a patchwork blanket. How cool is that?


N.B. from Kitty: All Red Nose pictures will be posted on Kitty's Cat Chat Tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. For more information on Comic Relief please click the big banner above. We look forward to seeing you!

Kitty xxx


  1. Purrs to you that your tummy is okay (we're not sure what the problem is) and that you can be spayed soon. And purrs to Xanthe for a speedy recover! The mom recalls angel Annie's two spayings (they left ovarian tissue the first time and she went into heat some time later) -- but Annie didn't have to wear any cone! Of course, that was 9.5 years ago now.

    -Nicki and Derry

  2. You should put an announcement at the Cat Blogosphere. Although I think alot of people are giving to Japan now too.


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