Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cone Head Xanthe and Big Red Nose Update...

Meow to All!

I would like to thank everyone for their purrs and headbutts.

This time last week I had to visit the Garden Gnome at the V-E-T... I didn't see him as the V-E-T sent me to sleep and when I woke up all I had to show that the Garden Gnome had been was a very big bald patch on my side! It is going to be ages before my fur grows back... I'm quite upset.

As you can see in the photos above I am sleeping peacefully with my new and frustrating body part: The Cone. Mummy assures me that this won't stay and will be removed this friday when I have my last visit to the V-E-T about my ladygardenectomy... Well thank ducking goodness for that!...

Nishi's Big Red Nose Project isn't going very well and I feel quite sorry for her as she was looking forward to helping children fight the battle against Malaria - see >>HERE<< for her post. But Mummy sat us both down and told us about the shake and big wave that took place in Japan last week... Nishiko and Me are both so shocked and sad about all the kitizens and citizens who have had to go to The Bridge early. But we are happy that our kitizens in Japan, Maru and in Taiwan, Adan and Lego are all ok. It gives us hope and we are both sending our purrs and purrayers to all kitizens and citizens who are still affected by the shake and big wave.

Please come back tomorrow to see Me sporting my Big Red Nose in Nishi's last Big Red Nose Post! I will be posting it for her as she will be having her ladygardenectomy! I told her to keep an eye out for that Garden Gnome!



  1. We're glad you're doing well, Xanthe, and are sending purrs to Nishi for her ladygardenectomy tomorrow!

    BTW, Sparkle is having a commentathon to raise money for World Vets Japan Animal Aid. If you haven't been, pop over and leave a comment.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. Glad you are doing better...the cone of shame is no fun at all!

  3. Poor Xanthe, I can see how hard it must be to groom properly with the conehead on. I hope the Garden Gnome did a good job spading!

  4. Maybe you could have the red nose contest at Christmas time!

  5. Poor Xanthe :( I am sorry to hear about your cone, but I'm happy that your ladygardenectomy went ok and that's you're making a nice recovery! Big purrs to you and Nishi!


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