Saturday, October 02, 2010

LiveStrong Day

Every year on October 2, LiveStrong host a global day of awareness that highlights the power of community and collective action. Supporters all over the world host events aimed at bringing attention to the fight against cancer in their own communities.

We are coming together with many other Kitizens around the world to raise awareness of the 28 million people living with cancer worldwide. Find out more HERE.

We would like to send purrs out to all the people Mummy and Daddy knows and have known who have had to live with cancer in their lives.

Nishiko and Xanthe


  1. LiveStrong!! If we all join together, there's nothing we can't do...including beating cancer!

  2. We're glad you've joined in! We will be going yellow tomorrow as well.

    Sending purrs and healing Light and universal Blessings to All Beings who are affected by this disease, directly or indirectly.

  3. LiveStrong~!!! We're happy to be apart of this event as well!!! May there soon be a cure!

  4. So glad you joined us for LiveStrong. I'm remembering my furriends who've left us and celebrating my mom's friends who are survivors.

  5. What a great post. We hope that someday soon cancer will be history.

  6. Thank you from our hearts for supporting LIVESTRONG day by going yellow.

    Blessing to all those who are currrently fighting cancer, are cancer survivors, or who have lost their lives to this terrible disease.

    LIVESTRONG always.

    Love from Milo and Alfie, Mom-Jan and Dad xxxx

  7. We hope that one day this terrible disease will be gone and there will be no more need for a day like this. Until then, we LIVESTRONG.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  8. We MUST LiveStrong for us and for those who have fought the good fight and lost to this miserable disease. Today we honor those who have lost their battle, those who are fighting their battle and those who have fought and won! They are all our HEROES!

    Today we stand tall with all of the LiveStrong participants. Together we WILL find a cure in our lifetime!

  9. We will share in and add to yours - our own purrs and prayers for all those who fight against cancer, today and everyday. May all LIVESTRONG!

  10. Very pretty photo for today.

    We are honoring our Mom's friend and remembering our sisfurs today.

    ~ The Bunch

  11. Girls, we're celebrating LiveStrong right along with you! We're purring our best for a cure.

    Fuzzy, Zoe, and mom Jana


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