Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Furiendsday - Jza Jza

Introducing our playful furiend from over the water... Jza Jza!

Mummy tells us that Little Jza Jza lives in a place called France. She lives where our Mummy used to live when she was little. Jza Jza lives there with her Mummy, Scarlet. Scarlet is Mummy's step sister.

Jza Jza was born in May, this year. That makes her a year younger than Nishiko and Me. As you can see she is black and white, with a cute little black smudge under her nose. All her paws are dark like ours except for one pink paw.

Her favorite toy is a white fluffy cat! She also enjoys Ham... Yum Yum!

Nishiko and Me thinks she is a very lucky Kitizen because from what Mummy has told us about where she lives, she has a lot of places to explore inside and out! She has a huge house to play hide and seek in with lots of rooms. Her garden is as big as a field!

Speak to you soon Jza Jza!



  1. She's a precious little sweetie pie! :-)

  2. Jza Jza is adorable! I love her tiny mustache!

  3. Jza Jza looks like a very fun friend to have.

  4. JzaJza is a total cutie~pa~tootie!!! Her smudge is adorable!

  5. Jza Jza is one very pretty young lady!! I do like that smudge under her node...I don't have any smudges...smudges are can I get me a smudge? Purrs, Lautrec

  6. What a cutie Jza Jza is!! Thanks for introducing us to her!

  7. Jza Jza is soooo cute!!!!
    She looks like a real explorer already!

  8. Wowie, Jza Jza has a really cool place to live!! And she is very pretty, too. :)


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