Monday, August 30, 2010

What a Week!

OMC! It's been a strange week.

First, My Dear Xanthe decided to explore the outside world. She escaped through a window in the bedroom which Mummy and Daddy forgot was left open. I've not seen Mummy and Daddy so upset. They kept going outside in the dark looking for her and coming back without her. Mummy kept crying. Daddy was looking up ways to find her on his flat screened coloured box. Meanwhile I was trying to make them happy by being silly and running around the house chasing toys and cuddling up to them. I was doing my cute look on Daddy's chair too...

Don't I look cute? Mummy thinks I look cute like this.

Mummy and Daddy even took me out in the cat carrier to help them look for Xanthe. It was a lot of fun running them both around the park while I was chasing the bugs in the grass!

Xanthe came home early Tuesday morning. I was very angry with her. Not only did she upset Mummy and Daddy so much, she smelt horrible! I hissed at her for the rest of the day. Even after Daddy put her in the bath and she didn't smell so bad, I still hissed at her. She's been very naughty!



  1. Good reporting, Nishiko! I am very relieved to hear that Xanthe finally came home. She was a little bit Bad to run away like that.

  2. OMC! So glad to hear Xanthe returned back home safe and sound. How scared you all must have been.

  3. Oh, no! We're so glad she's home again safe and sound, but what a worry for your mom and dad. She's been very naughty! Maybe you guys need some sort of screened in "kitty condo" that attaches to your window--we've seen them on-line, but are not sure they'd be available for you. But if so, they would give a little seating platform outside the window, so you could get some fresh air and watch kitty TV safely.

  4. Ooo yeah...sneaking out is NOT a good idea and NOT COMING HOME all night is an even worse idea. I just snuck out once in the night and Mom was sooo upset that when I got home and I saw how upset she was, it upset me really bad and since then I have never even thought about sneaking out again. (Besides, I was soooo freakin' scared to be out in the dark that I vowed to myself that I would always stay home where I'm safe!! The night life is NOT FOR ME!!) Nishiko, you give Xanthe a good talking to and learn from her...never go out at night...there are scarey things out there!! Purrs, Lautrec

  5. so glad that she returned home safe and sound but I bet somewhere down deep inside you were LOVING the exclusive attention....c'mon....admit it!! MOL!

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