Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let Me Show You

So I've been naughty. But Mummy and Daddy are happy to have me back and I didn't get much of a telling off just lots of cuddles.

But this is how I did it...

I climbed the curtain again, then leaped to the window sill and then pulled myself up to jump out. Of course the photo above was taken a few days before when the window was closed. Here is another of me on top of the curtain...

Aren't I clever?



  1. OH, you are extremely clever...I would NEVER have thought of that!! I'm not much of a climber so that explains it. I'm very impressed. I bet those curtains have your 'signature' all over them...hahaha! Good work!! NOW STAY HOME!!!!! Purrs Lautrec p.s. maybe you should ask your Mom and Dad to make you some kind of cat tree so that you don't have to climb the curtains...

  2. HAAAA!! That is one cat who is on a MISSION!!!

    So glad that kitty is home safe and sound!

    Cat Chat http://opcatchat.blogspot.com

  3. WOO~HOO Extreme climbing!


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