Friday, October 28, 2011

Nishiko's Reply

Finally, Mummy has realised why I get so upset and wee on the bed every so often - see yesterday's post!

Hopefully I won't have to worry going about my business in such a stinky litter tray! Still it does surprise me that some Kitizens have to put up with smelly trays for a lot longer than My Dear Xanthe and Me... Feel free to visit anytime!

Nishiko xxx


  1. Nishiko, we hope having a clean box will encourage you to use it instead of the bed. Humans don't like it when we use the human furniture for our business. The other thing to consider is more than one litter box. The usual rule is one for each cat, and some say you should add an extra one for good measure. There are 3 of us and we have 3 big boxes.

  2. Mummy and Daddy have got us a litter tray each but the second tray is in an area we don't like to go in, so we both use the same tray. Mummy doesn't know where to put the second tray as our current home is quite small. I will try not to use the furniture for my business but if all depends on how clean the litter trays are! xxx

  3. My human uses clumping litter and scooping out the lumps is way easier than doing a total change every day. Although I have to say, I like your human's spirit - I wish mine were so motivated!


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