Monday, July 18, 2011

New Banner

Well Mummy has been really busy lately... She has started a new job looking after old people and has been trying to get used to the tiredness she feels when she gets home. She has been too tired to do our blog. My Dear Xanthe and I understood this and said we'll give her some time ot get used to the tiredness. We said she could have a couple of weeks off... But it's been more than that and now we're nudging Mummy to get back into the flow of writing our posts for us.

As an apology she made us a new banner! This was the old one...

And this is our brand new one which is shown bigger at the top of our blog!

Please let us know what you think.

As Mummy is working now please don't worry if you don't see a post from us everyday, as we must let Mummy rest and play with us!

Nishiko xxx


  1. I like your new banner lots!

  2. We think your new banner is fabulous! We hope your mom gets over the exhaustion of the job, but taking care of humans is hard, hard work.

  3. The new banner is GREAT! You are such benevolent kitties. We are rather despotic, ourselves.

  4. The new banner is great. It seems as if you are both looking directly into the screen at us.

  5. love it!!!!

    Your poor Mom! That's a hard adjustment. We completely understand that she has to adjust and get everything sorted.


  6. Your new banner is great! We sure hope your mom feels better soon.


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