Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Toes Tuesday!

Hmmm, my toes smell...

Better give them a clean!

I wonder why I don't have pink toes? Is it normal?

Oh! Mummy has just told me that it's to do with the type of cat I am - Bengal - and that if i did have pink toes then I wouldn't be a true Bengal. So all is fine. *Meow*

Xanthe xxx


  1. You are adorable, even with stinky toes!

  2. I have black toes! Which is proper for a ruddy Somali. Sometimes mine are stinky too.

  3. Smelly toes? hahahaha! We all have different colored toes here, but only Gracie has true pink toesies!

  4. I love your toesies :) My two black kitties have well, black toes :). Jackie is half white, so he has pink toes and nose :).

  5. I am a black toe in white floof girl myself.


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